Why Us

What can we provide?
We know that introducing your product in to a new market can be difficult and we understand the uncertainties you may have. That’s where we come in! We provide the producer with a professional, cost effective, result orientated services enabling them to enter the markets and grow their businesses based on a competitive cost. 
With the existing distribution channels, we have the ability to consistently grow business, even when limited by relatively small marketing budgets.

SMC will perform all the critical sales and marketing functions that an export department of a company would.
One of Our advantages is that as we live and work in the region we could understand the customs and culture of the markets and its people through our regional partners or managers; and we have great experience, built over very many years.


What can SMC DO?
is a regional specialist Sales and Marketing that manage completely export department. When you work with EMC as SMC, you do not need to create export division, hiring inside and outside and too much cost and less result. We handle all export procedure from a to z. 
SMC do brand building across the various productions and trade channels.


Export procedures by SMC?

  • Assessing  export potential  
  • Decide where to sell
  • Choose a route to market
  • Find the opportunities
  • Start marketing, comprehensive sales and marketing program including but not limited to:
    • Identification and appointment of the ‘right’ client who will give maximum exposure to your products.
    • Preparation and implementation of marketing plans both on a regional and (if required) individual market basis.
    • Careful allocation of available marketing funds to provide the maximum return on investment for the principal.
    • Organization and execution of visibility, distribution and consumer awareness promotional activities.
    • Order planning and forecasting to ensure distributors work towards and achieve sales budgets.
    • Ongoing stock control reporting to quickly identify and react to potential in-market issues.
    • Frequently checking each market within the region to ensure the distributors maintain focus.
    • Monitor counterfeit activity in the region and take necessary measures to combat this ever-increasing threat.
    • Brand and intellectual property protection and Trade Mark defense.


Why do companies work with SMC?

  • We've got about 25 years’ experience of living and working in Iran and aboard.
  • We are reliable and professional team, Targeted, making Iran products as a brand.
  • We understand Iran neighbors, their people, culture and customs.
  • We are able to consistently grow the business despite the frequent difficulties in the region.
  • An existing network of business partners.


To whom can SMC HELP?

  • SMC's services are particularly valuable to small and medium sized manufacturer and distributors who want to explore the export / import benefit from overseas markets, but do not wish to make the considerable financial investment or dedicate the resources to do so.
  • SMC therefore provides the qualified producers and brand owner with a cost effective, result orientated services enabling them to enter the other markets and grow their business.

Where Do SMC operate
CIS, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Middle East Countries, Pakistan, India ….